Experimenting on paper

I've been experimenting a bit with embroidery in paper, rather than fabric. This, hopefully, will give me more ability to control my ink linework. The process feels a bit like lithography (as weird as that may sound) because action has to be deliberate and planned, but there is space for flux after each layer or move. 

My version of a stitch sampler. 

My version of a stitch sampler. 


Week by week ups and downs

As a way to keep me moving, reacting, drawing and processing, I decided to merge my sketchbook with a blog. I was nervous about posts being super visually literal, some being completely cryptic, but then I thought about the first thing I wrote in my brand new sketchbook post-college: 'no excuses'. I even trashed the scrap paper I took out to draw a fingernail to plan out this first post. So, let's see what happens. 

I plan on keeping writing to a minimum. This will probably be the most I type out, but change is sometimes inevitable.